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Al-Mina Archeological Site

Located in the old section of the island, most of the structures in this site date back to the Roman and Byzantine periods. The site features a mosaic road bordered by a colonnade; the only rectangular arena in the world, which accommodated 2,000 spectators; a residential area of narrow roads and houses paved with mosaics and sometimes marble; a Roman bath; a palestra, where athletes trained, later converted to the purple dye factory for which Tyre was world-famous; and a glass factory along with two Roman roads.


The entrance of the Al-Mina site can be reached by walking down the Corniche, starting behind the Al-Fanar Hotel. From there, the second street on the left (before the cemetery) curves its way to the Al-Mina site where the entrance is at the end on the right. On your way - on the left - you will pass the unattended remains of a 12th-century Crusader cathedral, which was the setting of the coronation of the King of Jerusalem. From the souks, the site can be reached via the main street to the southeast. From there, as soon as you hit the fence of the site, turn left and the entrance is further down on the right. 

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