Baalbek International Festival

Inaugurated in 1956 by then-President Camille Chamoun, the Baalbek International Festival is Lebanon and the Middle East’s oldest and most prominent cultural and music festival. Its mission is to nurture a strong cross-cultural vibe, one that radiates from the heart of Baalbek’s acropolis, amidst the celebrated historic ruins of temples Bacchus and Jupiter.


Baalbek’s annual festivities take place on warm, summer nights through July and August, and bring you stellar performances from diverse local and international artists and performers ranging from the world-famous Rahbani brothers and Fairouz to the Caracalla Dance Theater, from Ella Fitzgerald to Joan Baez and Nina Simone, from Rudolf Nureyev and the Royal Ballet to The Paul Taylor Dance Company and Merce Cunningham Company, from Charles Aznavour to Gilberto Gil and Sting.


Be sure to check out the festival’s website for more information on the program, where to purchase tickets, directions on how to get there, accommodations, and highlights from previous years.


Contact information:

Karakole al-Druze, Osman Ben Affan St, Doursoumian bldg, Beirut

T: +961 (0)1 373150/1/2 – + 961 (0)3 041006/7