Batroun Mountains Winery & Vineyards

Batroun Mountains is an organic winery owned and operated by the Hark family, in the mountains of Batroun District across six towns at altitudes ranging from 400 to 1,500 meters.


The family’s grapes grow on arduously maintained terraces, making the harvest more than a little labor-intensive, as the terraces remain inaccessible to large equipment. But the winery is proud of its efforts, as the stony, well-drained soil of its vine terraces make for ideal growing conditions for grapes of intense color and flavor.


Batroun Mountains offers five varieties of reds, three whites and one rosé as well as arak and liquor.


Address and Contact


Rawabi Avenue, Batroun, North Lebanon - P.O.Box 445

Product Info: Mr. Asaad Hark: +961 (0)3 484863

Sales, Marketing & Visit Appt.: Katy Hark: +961 (0)3 928299


763-Kasota Avenue SE. Minneapolis, MN 55414 USA

T: + 1 612-701-5902

F: + 1 612-331-1625