Beaufort Castle Beaufort Castle

Beaufort Castle

On a hilltop overlooking the southern part of the Bekaa Valley stand the moss-covered remains of the Crusader Beaufort Castle. In Arabic, the historic site is referred to as Shqif Arnun, the word “shqif” being Syriac for high rock. Although it looks inaccessible, this rocky fortress can be reached from the village of Arnun, which lies about seven kilometers (four miles) southeast of Nabatieh. The castle is surrounded by a moat and the archeological remnants of an ancient village of similar architecture.  


While mostly in ruins, the castle is deceptive. Its labyrinthine passages are more extensive than they seem to be from outside and the view from its many default parapets is truly stunning, with an enormous drop into the valley off the eastern wall that is nearly sheer.

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