Beit Mery

Beit Mery, an ancient town in the Metn District of Mount Lebanon, is one of Lebanon’s main summer resorts and is also known for its international cultural festivals, which feature theater and dance groups as well as orchestras and chamber ensembles held each winter at the Al-Bustan Hotel, set amidst a pine grove.


The town, which has served as a summer resort since the times of the Phoenicians and later the Romans, is also known for its ancient Roman and Byzantine ruins and the historic Maronite Monastery of Saint John the Baptist (Deir al-Qala’a), which was built in 1750. There are also two prehistoric archaeological sites in Beit Mery where flint tools have been found by Jesuit archaeologists.


Lush pine forests surround the town. Restaurants with panoramic views of the valleys and the sea make Beit Mery a perennial favorite for many Lebanese.

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Things to do

Deir al-Qalaa

Deir al-Qalaa crowns the entrance to Beit Mery and overlooks an exquisite view stretching from a snowcapped Mt. Sannine to the coast of Beirut. Its...

Al-Bustan Festival

In the heart of Beit Mery, this international festival of music and performance arts tops itself every winter with a host of new line-ups. Since its...