One of the Metn District's most popular summer resorts, Bekfaya provides respite from the summer heat with its cool summer climate and the Naas Spring, which makes for an attractive curative. The town has many hotels and Lebanese restaurants alongside the water, and features landmarks such as the Church of Mar Abda, which dates back to 1587.


Other noteworthy sites include the 19th century serail, which became a presidential summer residence; the Deir Mar Elias Chwayya monastery; and castles from the early days of the Chehab and Abillama families.


The town is also famous for its annual Festival of Flowers, which includes a parade resplendent with the flowers and fruit of the region, live music, bazaars, and the election of three beauty queens: the Queen of Flowers, the Queen of Fruits and the Queen of Sports. 

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