Bhamdoun is on the Beirut-Damascus highway located about 1,100 meters above the Lamartine valley, above Aley, and it one of the most distinguished and oldest of Lebanon’s summer resorts. As in Aley, the railroad that was built to link Beirut with Damascus passed through Bhamdoun.


Two separate villages compose the town, Bhamdoun-el-mhatta ("Bhamdoun the station") and Bhamdoun-el-day'aa ("Bhmadoun the village").


When passing through, be sure to visit Le Telegraphe Restaurant and the winery at Chateau Belle-Vue. 

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Chateau Belle-Vue

Chateau Belle-Vue covers part of the valley around the village of Bhamdoun and its terraced vineyards range from 950 to 1,200 meters above sea level...