Chateau Nakad

The Nakad winery is a family business originally founded in 1923 by Joseph Nakad in Jdita, West Bekaa. With noble grapes including Cabernet, Syrah, Grenache and Merlot, this award-winning winery produces outstanding wines of ingenious depth, playfulness and complexity and many are as lively on their own as they are paired with cured meats, artisanal cheeses and fruit, etc.


Grandson Jalal Nakad, an avid and ambitious experimenter, has also developed a Nakad port, a complicated form of limoncello using clementines and oranges, and Afandello and Meska liqueurs, helping Nakad become one of the most exciting wineries in Lebanon.


Tours are offered by the ownership, replete with wine tasting, and oenophiles will be interested to see the Bronze Age cellars and wine press the Nakad winery uses, which were unearthed on its grounds.


Address and Contact:

Jdita, Zahleh District, Bekaa

T: +961 (0)8 540 191

    +961 (0)3 982 654

E: info@chateaunakad.com

W: www.chateaunakad.com



To reach the winery coming from Beirut, once in Chtaura, turn left towards Jdita just before Restaurant Hachem (you will find a Nakad barrel-sign on the crossing). Continue straight and after the gas station that is located on the right, take the first left up (just after the St Georges church). From there, take another left down following the Nakad winery sign.

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