Domaine Wardy

A multi-award-winning winery in Zahle, Domaine Wardy is one of Lebanon’s largest and most prominent wine producers. The Wardy family bought the company outright in 1997, but the history of winery dates back to 1891.


Domaine Wardy’s vineyards stretch across the Bekaa Valley and range between 900 and 1,400 meters above sea level, incorporating a variety of soil mixtures and conditions that give the domaine lots of versatility in cultivation. Interestingly, Wardy uses American and Eastern European oak barrels in addition to the more conventional French oak, and also uses both stainless and concrete tanks for fermentation.  


Visits to the winery and vineyard, including a wine tasting in the underground cellars, need to be booked in advance.


Address and Contact

Solifed S.A.R.L.

Domaine Wardy Winery

Industrial Zone, PO Box 105

Zahle, Bekaa

 T: +961 (0)8 930141/2/3

     +961 (0)8 930777

 F:  +961 8 930888





Take the Zahle - Baalbek Highway in the direction to Baalbek. Cross the main Zahle roundabout and the next roundabout. Then go straight for another 200m and take a right. Drive 500 meters downhill and you will find the Domaine Wardy Winery on your right.

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