• Where can I find a hotel or bungalow in the Touristic cities and villages in Lebanon?

    You can easily check the website online


    Or upon arrival pass by our office at the airport any kind of touristic informations, or the main office in Hamra, central bank Street.

  • what languages are spoken in Lebanon?

    Arabic is the official language. A distinction should be made between spoken Arabic (the Lebanese), and written Arabic which is common to all Arab countries.

    French and English are spoken by a big number of Lebanese

  • Is it possible to travel to Lebanon by car? What documentation is required?

    Indeed it is possible to travel to Lebanon by car, but only by entering through the Lebanese Syrian borders. For more info about the required documentation will be given by the general security.

    +961 - 8 - 620016

  • What should I know about outdoor activities (hiking, biking, skiing etc.)?

    At Lebanon's many sports and health clubs you can play golf, tennis or squash, swim or practice in team sports.

    Fitness training is very popular and hotels and clubs usually allow foreigners to access their facilities.

    Thanks to Lebanon's varied geography, opportunities for outdoor activities abound. It takes a little more than an hour to teach the snow covered mountains for the best skiing.

    For an unusual sports combination, try skiing in the morning and spending the afternoon swimming on the coast. Water sports of all kinds are available most of the year along the shore scuba diving is popular too, and there are lots of diving clubs.

    If you want even more adventure, the are clubs that can take you paragliding at the Cedars, or paddling down the Awwali river in a Cuneo or Kayak, or explore deep caves.

    Organized trekking, hiking or rock climbing is a wonderful way to experience Lebanon's natural beauty.

  • How is hunting regulated in Lebanon?

    Hunting is not permitted in Lebanon, but the government is trying to make an agreement that allows you from September till February.

  • How can I go online and check my e-mails?

    You can go online and check your e-mails from the hotel where you are stay in, or simply ask for the net password in any restaurant, café shop or could be a pub ( that if you have your laptop or phone ) other wise just ask for any near internet café.