• How do I call to and from Lebanon?

    All you have to do is dial the country code which is (+961)

    Then the area code which could be a cell phone ( 03 - 70 - 71 - 76 ) or a regular land line for all districts

    • 01 - Beirut
    • 04 - Metn
    • 05 - Mount Lebanon
    • 06 - North
    • 07 - South
    • 08 - Beqaa
    • 09 - Kesrwan


    Accompanied by 6 digital numbers at the end

    Ex + 961- 1 - 343283

     + 961- 3- 343283

  • Can I request reimbursement of VAT?

    You can simply ask for the VTA application in all the shops that have a VAT agreement, in order to reimburse it at the airport, for a 100 us dollars of a minimum amount.

  • Is tipping mandatory? What are the rules for tipping?

    Tipping isn't really mandatory, but to be expected indeed as for 10% minimum at what the client wishes to offer.

  • How much money do I need for my stay?

    Lebanon is a great value destination. Although Lebanon's best restaurants and hotels are comparable in price to Europe and North America but you can still live very well for 100$ a day staying in dorms in hostels and living on Shawarma.

  • where can I exchange foreign currency?

    In exchange offices which are spread in main streets everywhere in Lebanon and at the airport.

  • what is the currency in Lebanon?

    The currency in Lebanon is Lebanese Lira, but U.S. dollars are accepted everywhere, and Euros are accepted mainly in touristic places.