Horsh Ehden Reserve

Ehden Forest (Horsh Ehden) is located along the northern slopes of Mount Lebanon’s western range. This nature reserve protects many rare plants like wild orchids, and is distinguished for its cedar and juniper trees, as well as for being the only protected site in the country with the endemic Lebanese wild apple tree. The reserve is home to over 1,058 plant species—accounting for over 40% of all native plant species in Lebanon. It is also home to many bird species, such as eagles and hawks, and more then 27 kinds of mammals, including wolves, badgers and wild cats.


The forest is extremely popular with hikers, and the village of Ehden is packed with cafes, restaurants, a souk, and other tourist attractions.


Getting there:

From Beirut, travel along the coastal highway north towards Chekka, which is some 20 kilometers (12.5 miles) south of Tripoli. Then from Chekka, take the road heading east to Amyoun, pass through Kousba and Tourza where you will find a road that leads east to Ehden. The trip from Chekka to Ehden takes around 25 minutes. The nature reserve is far about five kilometers (three miles) from the town of Ehden.

From Tripoli, head along the southeastern highway until you reach Zgharta. Continue for some 26 kilometers or 25 minutes towards Ehden.

Both entrances to the nature reserve can be accessed from the town of Ehden (water springs of Juheet and Ayn al-Bayyada).
Contact information:
Website: www.horshehden.org
Telephone: 06 660120