Between Beirut and Byblos is the coastal town of Jounieh, which has a spectacular bay with mountains rising just behind it.


Jounieh is known for its seaside resorts and cafes, restaurants and bustling nightlife, as well as its old stone souk, ferry port, and gondola lift (Le Téléphérique), which takes passengers up the mountain to the shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon in Harissa.


But perhaps the most popular destination here is the famous Casino du Liban, which offers gaming and theater shows.


To the south of Jounieh is the town of Kaslik, which became a meeting place for high society during the war years with luxurious resorts, a yacht harbor, and shopping centers.


Also worth a visit is the Lebanese Heritage Museum and in the summer, the Jounieh International Festival is among the most popular in Lebanon, featuring world-class entertainment and a fireworks display rivaling any other in the country. 

Things to do

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Jounieh International Festival

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