Karam Winery

A rare South Lebanon winery, Karam winery was founded by two brothers who grew up on an ancestral estate vineyard and decided to enrich Lebanese winemaking by planting grapes in the south of the country, where wine grapes weren’t generally grown.


Now quite successful and with international awards to their credit, Karam also famously produces a high-end spirit called Jezzineyac—modelled after French cognac, but made with endemic grapes such as Miksasi, Merwahi, Hifawi and Zawtarani, which are selected from a variety of altitudes and distilled before undergoing 14 years of aging in glass jars.  


Karam not only offers tours but a variety of wine courses that make up a full day. Book in advance and enjoy learning everything from wine terminology to judging quality by appearance, with lunch and, of course, tastings thrown in to match.  


During Spring and Summer season, the Winery is open for visitors with prior notice from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Visits include lunches, wine appreciation and tasting courses.


Address Contact:

Qattine, Jezzine District

Lebanon: +961 (0)1 370519

Mobile: +961 (0)3 373703

Fax: +961 1 367139

UK: +44 7717007287

France: +33 6 66183369

US: +1 703 349 9955

US Fax:   +1 703 573 2944

E: contact@karamwinery.com

W: www.karamwines.com



To reach the winery from Saida, turn left just after Le mall, and follow the signs to Jezzine. Once in Roum keep left at the roundabout and continue straight. After you enter Homsieh, take a sharp right in the direction of Saidoun from where the road winds through the mountains. Follow the main road until a green Karam Winery sign leads you left (down). Continue the road until you enter Maknounieh, where another Karam winery sign leads you to the right and right again. From here a narrow road takes you down the winery, which is located passed the green fence (Duration form Beirut: 1.5 hrs).

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