Mosques and Madrassas in Tripoli

Tripoli is a living museum, with madrassas, mosques, hammams and souks scattered across the old city, and no visit would be complete without stopping to see some of the dense and rich history of its culture and architecture, which span several major eras of regional history, from the Crusaders to the Mamluks, emirs and Ottomans. In many of the Tripoli’s key Islamic buildings and souks, you’ll find vestiges of even older civilizations, as their columns and other architectural components were frequently repurposed for the building projects of the city’s long line of conquerors.  


When visiting mosques and madrassas, please be sure to respect Islamic rules and traditions. Shoes must be removed at the entrances of mosques. Women should cover their hair, but both men and women should be mindful of their attire, avoiding shorts and keeping at least the shoulders covered.


Entry is not permitted during prayer hours and not permitted at any time during the month of Ramadan.


List of Mosques and Madrassas in and around the old city of Tripoli:


Al-Nuri Neighborhood

Mansouri Great Mosque

Madrassa al-Shamsiyyah

Madrassa Al-Nuriyah

Madrassa al-Nasiriyyah

Al-Hizam Mosque

Madrassa Khayriyyah Hasan

Madrassa al-Mashhad

Madrassa al-Jawish


Al-Haddadin Neighborhood

Al-Tahham Mosque

Al-Muallaq Mosque

Madrassa al-Saqraqiyah

Al-Khanqah Mosque

Madrassa al-Mahmoudiyah

Madrassa al-Khatouniyah

Madrassa al-Tabshi

Madrassa al-Dayim Allah

Madrassa al-Umariyah

Madrassa al-Rajbiyah

Madrassa al-Dabousiyah (Al-Daftar Dar Square)


Al-Mahatirah Neighborhood (also known as Al-Zahiriyah)

Sidi Abdel Wahad Mosque

Madrassa Achrafiyah (Al-Rifa’i)

Al-Dubbaha (Al-Baha’) Mosque and Madrassa

Madrassa al-Ajamiyah

Madrassa al-Habbak

Hamidi al-Balad Mosque


Souq al-Sagha Neighborhood

Madrassa Tawashiyyah

Madrassa al-Naml

Madrassa al-Dahhan

Al-Karimiyah Mosque

Madrassa al-Qawuqjiyyah


Al-Tibbeneh Neighborhood

Al-Sanjaq Mosque

Madrassa al-Qadi Omar 


Bab al-Hadid Neighborhood

Al-Ouwaysiyah Mosque

Madrassa al-Burtasiya

Madrassa al-Qadiriyah

Madrassa al-Shuhada

Madrassa al-Sanjaqiyah (inside Al-Ouwaysiyah Mosque)


Souq al-Nahhasin Neighborhood

Al-Houjayjiyah Mosque

Madrassa al-Hujayjiyyah


Al-Suwayqah Neighborhood

Madrassa al-Sabsabiyah

Madrassa al-Beshnatiyah


Al-Tarbi’ah Neighborhood

Al-Attar Mosque

Al-As’adi Mosque

Madrassa al-Homsiyyah


Souq al-Attarin Neighborhood

Madrassa al-Qartawiya

Madrassa al-Sabbagh

Madrassa al-Qasimiyah


Beddawi Neighborhood

Al-Beddawi Mosque


St Gilles Citadel

Mosques of the St Gilles Citadel


Taht el-Sabbat Neighborhood

Madrassa al-Zahiriyah


Al-Dabbaghah Neighborhood

Al-Tawbah Mosque

Madrassa al-Ahmadiyyah


Saff el-Balat Neighborhood

Arghoun Shah Mosque


Souq al-Kandarjiyah Neighborhood

Madrassa el-Qadi Oglo



Taynal Mosque

High Great Mosque

Borj Brasbay Mosque inside the Lion’s Tower

Ghazi Mosque

Al-Hamidi Mosque

Madrassa al-Mardaniyah

Madrassa al-Arrif (aka as Madrassa Abi al-Nassr al-Yafi) 

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