Mountain climbing

Lebanon is one of the few places in the Middle East that offer a broad range of mountain climbing activities, from relatively easy summit climbs and technical peak ascents, to bouldering and adventurous high-altitude climbs. Limestone mountains, incredible scenery, and easily accessible climbs await you in Lebanon.

The Aaquora, Tannourine, and Laqlouq regions have highly-rated rock facades, many of which are already bolted. There are also many exciting and challenging summits for mountaineers, including the 2,814-meter-high Mount Hermon and Mount Makmel, whose northeast face is an extremely technical climb.

Very few countries offer such exhilarating climbing experiences amidst interesting cultural and historical attractions as Lebanon does. For experienced climbers with their own equipment, topographic maps of climbing routes can be obtained from any of our eco-tour operators. Eco-tour operators also organize a variety of guided climbing and alpine trips throughout the country, accessible for relatively fit tourists of all skill levels.