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Moussa Castle

Just outside Deir al-Qamar and before you get to Beiteddine, you’ll find one solitary castle on the side of the road, perched over the green valley below. Moussa Castle is the fruit of Moussa al-Maamari’s private ambition and his life’s work. He single-handedly handcrafted each of its stones in an effort to please his schoolgirl sweetheart who once told him she wanted to marry a man who owned his own palace. Fashioned in the medieval style, the castle comes with a moat and drawbridge. It also has lifelike wax sculptures, a massive collection of antique firearms, and pottery works on display, depicting scenes from 19th-century Lebanese village life. A small café sits on the plentiful cliff-side terrace from which the view is really quite spectacular. This idiosyncratic niche of unique Lebanese history is really not to be overlooked.


Contact information:

It opens daily from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM (6:00 PM in summer).

Telephone: 05 500106 – 03 273750
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