Moussa Tiba Museum

A native of afflicted South Lebanon, Moussa Tiba was born in Qana in 1939. His studio was partially destroyed during the war in early 1975 and he was forced to leave the country.


With his peripatetic existence and deep mystical and philosophical convictions, Tiba defined himself as a citizen of the world, the heir to all the civilizations that have marked Lebanon, from the Phoenicians to the Arabs, from the Egyptians to the Greeks. A cosmopolitan painter, torn between Western and Oriental cultures, he sought to harmonize them in his art by conveying a cosmic vision of the world.

Today, his family house has been converted into a museum which displays around 300 of his works from between 1962 and 2002. It also exhibits the works of important foreign and Lebanese artists such as Shafiq Abboud, Halim Jurdak and Hussein Madi.


Address and Contact:
Haret Al Salha, Qana, Tyre.
Tel: 00961 7 430149 - 00961 3 568925
Opening hours: Thursday and Sunday: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.