Ouyoun al-Samak Lake

Located just southwest of the village of Safinet el-Qaytaah, between the districts of Denniyeh and Akkar, the mountainous area of Ouyoun al-Samak is home to a beautiful artificial lake and waterfalls, ideal for hiking and a picnic.


Ouyoun el-Samak means “springs of fish,” and the springs here feed the Cold River, which has been dammed off to create hydroelectric power. The water also nurtures a shoreline that riots with color and floral diversity during the growing seasons, and helps irrigate nearby farmland.


Also of interest in the area are the grotto inside the Ain Yeshua Mosque, located off the main road just before the village of Minieh; and the Abou Moussa forest, past the lake in Goraya, where enormous, centuries-old evergreen trees have inspired local myths. You can also see the remains of a very old, abandoned monastery, the grounds of which serve as a cemetery for residents of Goraya.  

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