Qamou’ al-Hermel

On a hilltop some six kilometers (3.7 miles) away from Hermel, there is a 26-meter-high stone tower capped with a pyramid which can be spotted from miles away. Its exact significance has yet to be ascertained. Some say it was raised in memory of a Syrian prince who had a passion for hunting in Lebanon; others say its purpose was to mark the route the Canaanites once followed. The tower is decorated with stone carvings of various hunting scenes. 


A splendid view will reveal itself to you from the hilltop – Hermel with its hills and gardens, the lake of Homs disappearing into the horizon, the Orontes river of al-Assi, a north-flowing rebel, and the caves of the Raheb, the Monk, also known as Mar Maroun. 

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