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Tannourine Cedar Forest Reserve

The cedar forest in Tannourine is one of Lebanon’s largest nature reserves. It is so dense that the interlocking trees therein cover most of the forest floor, growing impressively tall on nearly vertical slopes. While hiking, visitors will discover splendid rocky caves and natural grottos, in addition to rare flower species, such as tulips of the mountain, which are indigenous to this magnificent forest.


Getting there:

From Beirut, travel north on the coastal highway towards the city of Byblos (Jbeil), then turn east towards Annaya passing through the towns of Ehmej and Laklouk. Take your left on the road that crosses Laklouk. The trip will take less than 45 minutes.

From Tripoli, head south along the coastal road to Chekka, passing through Amyoun, Kousba and Hadath al-Jebbé until you reach Upper Tannourine (Al-Fawqa).

From Batroun, drive east towards Ebreen and Sourat. Before reaching Deir Bella, head right towards Kfar Halda, and then Tannourine al-Fawqa. The drive from Batroun to Tannourine will take less than an hour.

Contact information:

T: +961 (0)06 500550