Vin de Bzommar

Bzommar is an Armenian convent dating back to 1749 and has preserved over 1,500 Armenian, Syriac and Arabic manuscripts. It has been producing wines and spirits for ages, and uses much of the winery’s old infrastructure to produce red, white, rosé and sweet wines today. In addition to wine, Vin de Bzommar makes liqueurs (walnut, myrtle, orange, cherry and artichoke), arak, brandy, jams (rose, walnut, bitter orange and pumpkin), rose and flower water, juiced, molasses, honey, syrups, and apple vinegar. The wines in their cellar go as far back as 1897.


Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Marsanne grapes are grown at Bzommar’s vineyards, located just a few kilometers from the sea in Kesrouan’s mountains. The caves in which the wines are aged date from 1810 and were recently renovated.


Bzommar is included on a tour encompassing the wineries of St John Monastery (Khenshara) and Mar Chaaya Monastery.


Address and Contact

Couvent de Bzommar

P.O Box: 5081, Kesrouan – Mount Lebanon, Lebanon

T & F: +961 (0)9 935 188 |+ 961 (0)9 260 811/12/13/14/15



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