Wadi al-Hujeir Nature Reserve

Located in the Marjeyoun District in Nabatieh, Wadi al-Hujeir National Reserve was approved and established in 2010. It stretches from the Litani River in the village of Qaaqaiyet al-Jisr in the lower part of the city of Nabatieh, to the town of Aytaroun in the Bint Jbeil District.


The reserve is covered with Valonia oak forests and springs; its pristine valley was, until a few years ago, off-limits to civilians and tourists as it was a designated military zone. The area around the reserve is scattered with park restaurants, farm sheds, houses, and mosques.


A committee has been set up along a work team to take care of the nature reserve. In order to protect its grounds from encroaching development projects and pollution, a law was passed which expressly prohibits logging and restricts tree trimming. It also forbids the entry of livestock to the reserve’s grounds, and bans any disruptive acts, such as lighting fires, camping and hunting, as well as the displacement of natural objects.