Yammouneh Nature Reserve

The Yammouneh Nature Reserve lies on an eastern slope between mountains Makmel and Mnaytra. It abounds with water, feeding 84 natural springs, four permanent rivers, and two seasonal streams. Traces of ancient civilizations still remain scattered about its grounds, including Phoenician and Arab monuments, a Roman temple, and some Byzantine ruins. A statue of Aphrodite was originally found in Yammouneh but was relocated to the neighboring city of Baalbek.


You will also see remnants of an ancient fort in the area, which used to be a summer residence for Emperor Adriano who had ordered his soldiers to engrave the following statement on the rocks: “I, Emperor Adriano, make the area of Yammouneh a protected reserve and shall forbid anyone to cut Juniper trees therein.” The area of Yammouneh houses a wide variety of plants and stretches of evergreen trees, which make up about a third of its total area. 

Contact information:
W: www.yammouneh.blogspot.com

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