Zouk Mikael

Zouk Mikael, located on the coast between Beirut and Byblos in Keserwan District, is named the City of Peace by UNESCO, and enjoys sweeping views from the sea from a height if about 275 meters.


Among the town’s most important features is the Ottoman-era Old Souk of Zouk, which was renovated in 1995 as a pedestrian area with artisanal arcade shops, restaurants, terrace and gardens.


Among Zouk Mikael’s most famous artisanal products are its textile, woven on traditional looms, as well as its marzipan sweets made with almond and sugar dough.


The town hosts a number of monasteries and historic churches, such as the Saint George Church, and is also home to an open-air, Roman-style amphitheater where live summer concerts and the Zouk Mikael Annual Festival take place.


Other centers of Attractions:

The Artisanat of Zouk Mikael:

Located at the eastern entrance of the Old Souk, the Artisanat was established in 1938 and transformed in 1960 into a school for loom weaving. All sorts of artisanal goods are produced there today.


Elias Abou Chabkeh Museum:

The house of famous poet Elias Abou Chabek became a museum in 1997 dedicated to exhibitions of painting, photography and other art events, and the roundabout facing the house contains a statue of the poet among the trees.


Zouk Mikael Public Park

Inaugurated in 1982, the Zouk Mikael Park features several water jets and a small playground for children. 

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Things to do

The Old Souk Museum

This museum is located in a private craftsman's house in the souk and sells old crafts and souvenirs. Contact information: Zouk Mkayel, near...

Elias Abou Chabakeh Home & Museum

In the early 80's, Zouk Mkayel’s municipal council bought poet Elias Abou Chabakeh's house and converted it into a private museum of contemporary art...

Zouk Mikael International Festival

July in the beautiful, historic city of Zouk Mikael promises visitors a special treat that combines history and musical entertainment. This...